Lowery Insurance is an independent agency specializing in health insurance and employee benefits. We believe in professionalism and in helping companies and individuals find health insurance options that meet their needs.

Our greatest strength and the biggest asset we offer to you is our almost 20 years of experience dedicated to solving health insurance and employee benefits problems in all types of coverages. Our direct contracts with over 60 of the industry's most well-known insurance providers allow us to find an answer for you, no matter what coverage you need to provided, or the size of your budget.

We offer solutions in the areas of group and individual health insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance and supplementary products such as cancer and critical illness. We pride ourselves on the experience we have gained while developing programs for the sole proprietor needing an individual policy, or the large corporation with thousands of employees over multiple states.

In today's uncertain health insurance and benefits market, you need professional help. Let us assist you in finding a solution that works for your own unique needs.

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